“And The Church Was Torn”

I wrote the following  7 years ago when I began my journey to get a degree. It was an assignment for one of my literature courses, some type of poem…don’t remember now what kind. But… I’ve always felt a certain amount of unrest in how our churches seem to be at such odds sometimes due to beliefs that really don’t deal much with salvation, being a kind person, or as having some sort of theologically significant meaning. Let’s focus on things that matter the most shall we.

“And The Church Was Torn”
The world sees church for what it is against
            In verse and sermon the preachers do tell
Of worldly desires, of which they want fenced
            Obey these rules or you’ll be cast to hell
No TV for you, nor magic, nor gin
            These vices are wrong, to other paths they lead
Tattoos and piercings and evil within
            Upon the gates of fire, a savior you’ll need
But gone are the days of rules that men set
            Though some people still hold them near and dear
In this new era freedom shall we get
            Rock and roll for Christ is what we now hear
For these reasons religion is no more
So the world will know what the church is for
Sept. 18, 2010

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