:The Stranger I See (Pt. 1)

*Another one from that dark place. But one of my favorites.*

“What’s wrong with me”, I often ask
As I look at the stranger in the looking glass.
A vessel once full, has now become hollow,
Still watching close by, but refusing to follow.

I thought I knew what would fill it,
I pursued it, I believed it, and I swear I meant it.
But it’s not working and I don’t know why.
So now I build walls that reach into the sky.

What will it take to tear them down?
I fall to my knees and beat my fists on the ground.
I scream and I scream but no one hears a sound.
Because my mind won’t let them out.

God? Are you there? Can you hear my thoughts?
If you can, I plead….please….heal my heart.


7 thoughts on “:The Stranger I See (Pt. 1)

    1. Lol!! Thanks J. I appreciate it a ton! I like adding pics, it just adds a little bit of a visual to help foster the setting I think. And blessings to you as well!


    1. That’s good. I know sometimes when we don’t quite feel like ourselves we can sometimes feel so alone. But we have to remember, we’re never alone. Thanks for “getting it” haha 😀


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