The Perfect Snuggle.

There we were, sitting in the room as usual. I was rocking her and she was twisting and turning, trying to find a comfortable spot I presume. Then at some point she got tired of fighting the sleepiness. She managed to exert one last twist and landed perfectly in my arms.

Her head nestled gently in the crevice of my elbow. The soft glow of the dimmed light gently caressed her sweet face. Her arm stretched around me and held on tight. Her face was peaceful. Then it happened…

She managed to fight of the sleep one last time…opened her eyes…looked at me and said, “muah.” I leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss and returned her “muah.” She smiled at me with quite possibly the best smile I’ve ever seen. Then she closed her eyes while smiling.

It was a face of pure joy, happiness, and peace. It was a moment where everything was perfect and all things were right. A rare moment indeed, because in her life, there are many things that are not perfect or right. She won’t remember since she’s shy of being 2, but it’s those moments that I am reminded of why we are doing this.

The perfect snuggle may only last a minute, but it’s impact can stop the sands of time.



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