Choose Your Realm

“No, you’re creative. You’re just in a different realm.” This line is from a podcast I really enjoy listening to (All About Android from This one line got me thinking about people who say they aren’t creative. I like definitions. A realm is a kingdom. OR…it is a field or domain of activity or interest. Ah there we go. 🙂

I refuse to believe people who say they aren’t creative. What are your passions? What are your interests? What moves you to the edge of your seat? What moves you to tears? What drives you crazy!? What makes you ANGRY!!? These are just a few questions, and possible realms, that can help you find that one thing you focus your attention on.

You see, as far as I’m concerned, being creative is not limited to painting happy trees, writing music, playing an instrument, being good at carpentry, or knitting an awesome ugly Christmas sweater. Creativity is SO MUCH MORE than that. If you’re thinking that you’re not creative then you just haven’t found whatever “your thing” is. Maybe you haven’t even tried it yet. Have you never cooked? Maybe you’ve been missing out on a creative avenue in the kitchen. And who doesn’t love the realm of food?!

Creativity doesn’t even have to be tangible. Your spark of creativity could be just a seed in the back of your mind waiting for you to water it and give it attention.What if you’re an amazing storyteller?! I LOVE STORIES! You know who else does…the children in the schools that are right next to you. For that matter, why do we limit storytelling to younger kids? The older ones like it to. Our interests in stories just change and mature over time.

Perhaps, and most likely, you are not with the right people. There’s nothing wrong with your current crew. But if you want to become a good photographer, you won’t get there by hanging out with even the greatest of mechanics (great people…wrong realm) I like to write. I like making ideas become visible. I use these blogs as a means to that end. But, unfortunately I’m not hanging out with other writers so I can’t learn from them. That’s not even being IN a realm. (*cough* take your own advice *cough*)

In essence, these are all kinds of realms to visit and enjoy and learn from, but if you are not in the right realm when it comes to what makes you tick, you’re going to feel slightly out of place sometimes. There will be that persistent feeling that you can’t shake of, “something just isn’t right, but I just don’t know what it is.” ——> Wrong realm.

So take a moment today to take a deep breath. Then say…by golly I AM creative. I just have to actively pursue that passion and find the right realm. 😀

Curam se,


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