I didn’t make the cut for a promotion recently. Truth be told, I’m still slightly bitter about it. But, I need to pray about it and get over it. I’ll be fine. This post isn’t about that promotion, but the circumstances surrounding it got me thinking about how I am going to raise my little girl or boy. A bit of the backstory for context though…

I put in my resume like the others for an internal promotion. They decided to announce it in a different manner. I applied in this other way and…well here’s where things go south. I didn’t make the cut. I was told that I “didn’t play the game.” I was pretty furious at that. Because I told the truth on a questionnaire, I was eliminated. Playing the game would’ve involved me not being truthful…the type of personal trait I try to avoid.

I got to thinking, how do I teach my kid to do the right thing when there are people scamming the world and “winning?” It’s easy to just tell them to do the right thing anyways. To tell them that nice guys don’t always finished last and many times those who are playing the world’s games don’t get happy endings.

But in the moment…it’s tough…it hurts…and it makes you want to abandon who you are. You feel like doing whatever it takes to win even if that means you forsake your own identity. But this is where I hope I can make a difference.

I know that lot’s of us grew up seeing anger, resentment, addiction, violence, divorce, and lots of things that we try to convince ourselves actually made us stronger. (Or as DSS calls it, resilient.) We are all resilient, yes, but that is no reason to go through such things. Character can be built in a multitude of ways.

I don’t know what I’m going to say to my child…but I hope that as they grow they can see it through my actions. I pray that they see me be patient, calm, kind, selfless, loving, gentle, and humbled to my knees. I also pray they see me be passionate, hard working, forgiving, excited, emotional, and even triumphant. I pray that in the highs they see happiness and joy. I pray that in the lows, they hope, faith, and perseverance.

I will not always know what to say, but if they see it day in and day out…my actions can teach and instill in them more than I ever could with my words.

Curam Se,


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