What about me…? Hmm, well…I like to think that I’m a thinker. Someone (Socrates) once said, the unexamined life is not worth living, so I tend to examine things. I like pretending I’m smart. I enjoy learning and believe in the importance education. I know not everyone is like this and that’s okay. We’re all different and it’s beautiful. I am a lover of music, technology, religion, humans, art, philosophy, sports, lifting weights, reading, listening to podcasts, and life.

I used to think my blog would be about one topic or idea, but I am just interested in way too many things to limit what is arguably a place for ideas and thoughts. My thoughts…they tend to be sporadic in nature so who knows what may end up being posted.

I will try to keep things lights (challenge accepted). After learning a bit about myself, I can be a bit critical. But I don’t want to be negative. Being critical and wanting excellence can come across in a negative way so it’s tough when it happens to be a personality trait. I’ve gone through depressions before which influenced my posts greatly. I won’t hide those and will re-post them here from time to time for the heck of it. (After all…we appreciate the light that the darkness reveals to us.)