:The Stranger I See (Pt 2)

I remember this being better. But that’s kind of how our memories work. The lens we remember things sometimes makes them seem a little better (or worse) than they actually were. God? Are you there? Can you hear my thoughts? If you can, I plead….please….heal my heart. How I’ve gotten here, I don’t even know. […]

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:The Stranger I See (Pt. 1)

*Another one from that dark place. But one of my favorites.* “What’s wrong with me”, I often ask As I look at the stranger in the looking glass. A vessel once full, has now become hollow, Still watching close by, but refusing to follow. I thought I knew what would fill it, I pursued it, […]

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:Hear Love

Originally posted on December 1, 2011. This poem is interestingly still very relevant now that we are foster parents. It’s hard trying to show love to kids who have only been shown how to hate. He held on tightly, Hitting with words of hate. Saying what he wanted, And using no restraint. Little ears can […]

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